Poetry of Vicissitudes : Emotional Healing & Expression
by Odom, Mitchell

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Poetry of Vicissitudes: Emotional Healing & ExpressionPoetry of Vicissitudes: Emotional Healing & Expression (paperback)
Pub. Date: 2024
Publisher: Lulu. com
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More About Poetry of Vicissitudes by Odom, Mitchell

Mitchell's verses guide you through the labyrinth of human emotions as you turn each page, painting vivid landscapes of introspection and self-discovery. You'll discover a delicate balance between vulnerability and strength within the lines of his poetry. Mitch navigates the complexities of existence with truth, rawness, and profound insight. He invites everyone to explore the interplay of light and shadow, love and loss, crafting verses that resonate with the flow of each life experience. This collection serves as a sanctuary where readers can find inspiration and the gentle reassurance that they are not alone in their journey. Mitch writes poems that are not just words on paper; they are windows into the depths of the human soul, inviting you to peer into the heart of shared emotions and collective experiences. Join Mitchell in this exploration of the poetic realm, where every stanza is an invitation to reflect, feel, and embrace the beauty of the written word.

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