The Lion of Saint Mark A Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century
by Henty, G
Trade paperback

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The Lion of Saint Mark a Story of Venice in the Fourteenth CenturyThe Lion of Saint Mark a Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century (paperback)
Pub. Date: 2020
Publisher: Notion Press
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Seller: Bonita, Newport Coast, CA, USA
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More About The Lion of Saint Mark A Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century by Henty, G

Excerpt: ...seems to have frightened them out of their senses. Their first step, as usual, has been to depose their doge and choose another. "However, that is not the point. Pisani has written asking that some ships with provisions and stores shall be sent out to him. They are to go through the Straits of Messina and up the coast of Italy until he meets them. His force is far too small for him to think of making an attack upon Genoa. He will wait in the neighbourhood of the city for a short time in hopes of Fieschi's fleet returning. If it does not do so he will come down the coast searching for it, and as he does not wish to put in port, he desires the stores mentioned to be sent out to him. "I have placed the Bonito at their service, and have promised that she shall be ready to sail tomorrow morning, if they will send the stores on board today. Three other merchants placed ships at their disposal, but these may not sail for a day or two. They are particularly anxious that the Bonito shall start at once, as, in addition to provisions, she will carry a store of javelins, arrows, and other missiles of which there was not a sufficiency in the arsenal when Pisani sailed. "You will have a strong party on board, as speed is required, and the oars must be kept going until you join the fleet. Therefore I shall place the crew of the Lido on board as well as the Bonito's own complement, and this will bring the number up to a hundred men. The captain has had an accident, and will not be able to go in charge, therefore the Lido's captain will command. This time I shall appoint you specifically second in command, as well as my representative. Now get off on board as quickly as you can, for there is enough to keep you at work, till tomorrow morning, to get everything in readiness for a start. You had best run in and say goodbye to my daughters, as it may be that you will not find time to return before sailing. You can send your boy ashore for what things you require....

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