This Broken World
by Gannon, Charles E
Mass-market paperback

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This Broken WorldThis Broken World (Mass-market paperback)
Pub. Date: 2022
Publisher: Baen
Price: $9.06
Seller: Alibris, Sparks, NV, USA
Condition: New.
Notes: Mass market (rack) paperback. Glued binding. 816 p.
This Broken World Format: PaperbackThis Broken World Format: Paperback (Mass-market paperback)
Pub. Date: 2022
Publisher: Baen
Price: $9.41
Seller: Inc, Avenel, NJ, USA
Condition: BRAND NEW
Notes: 9781982192327.

More About This Broken World by Gannon, Charles E

EPIC FANTASY FROM AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR CHARLES E. GANNON. A young man must face dangers from without and within--and question everything he believes to be true.

Since boyhood, Druadaen expected he'd ascend to the command of an elite legion and become the leader his father predicted he would be. However, fate had something different in store.

Assigned instead to a small group of outriders tasked with watching nearby kingdoms, Druadaen discovers that the world beyond his homeland is riddled with impossibilities. How do humanoid raiders, known as the Bent, suffer staggering losses and yet return as a vast horde every decade? How do multi-ton dragons fly? How have fossils formed in a world that sacrists insist has existed for only ten millennia?

Determined to solve these mysteries, Druadaen journeys into the dank warrens of the Bent, seeks out a dragon's lair, and ventures into long-buried ruins in search of ancient scrolls. But, whereas legends tell of heroes who encounter their greatest perils during just such forays into the unknown, Druadaen's most lethal enemies might lurk in even more unusual places:

The temples and council chambers of his own homeland.

Praise for This Broken World:
"Charles Gannon puts the skills he has honed writing science fiction and fantasy to good use crafting a story that will keep the reader fairly entertained." --Manhattan Book Review

"As with Gannon's other works, there is well-drawn action . . . his world is well fleshed out, and his attention to material factors is another: how do the orcs feed and bear children? Where do they come from? Recommended to military-SF and dungeon-fantasy fans." --Cirsova Magazine

Praise for Charles E. Gannon:
"Chuck Gannon is one of those marvelous finds--someone as comfortable with characters as he is with technology, and equally adept at providing those characters with problems to solve. Imaginative, fun, and not afraid to step on the occasional toe or gore the occasional sacred cow, his stories do not disappoint." --David Weber

"If we meet strong aliens out there, will we suffer the fate of the Aztecs and Incas, or find the agility to survive? Gannon fizzes with ideas about the dangerous politics of first contact." --David Brin

"Chuck Gannon writes the kind of science fiction we all grew up on: rousing, mind-expanding, pulse-pounding sagas of spaceships and aliens. He's a terrific writer, and we're lucky to have him." --Robert J. Sawyer

"[A] strong [writer of] . . . military SF . . . [much] action going on in his work, with a lot of physics behind it. There is a real sense of the urgency of war and the sacrifices it demands." --Locus

Praise for the work of Charles E. Gannon:
Caine's Mutiny:

"This is military Science Fiction the way it's supposed to be written. . . . All in all, a highly satisfying tale of the Terran Republic that moves the story forward and sets us up for the next chapter, which promises to be interesting at worst and explosive at best." --SFcrowsnest

Raising Caine:
"Raising Caine unveils a lot of thought-provoking ideas but ultimately this is a space opera adventure. There are space battles, daring emergency landings, desperate quests, hand-to-hand combat, and double-and-triple crosses. It's an engrossing read. You owe it to yourself to read the two previous books in order. Then enjoy Raising Caine. It's an intergalactic thrill-ride." --Fantasy and Science Fiction Book and Audiobook Reviews

"This is science-fiction adventure on a grand scale." --Kirkus Reviews

"Gannon's harrowing . . . military space opera (following Trial by Fire) builds well on his established setting . . . Gannon's signature attention to developing realistic alien worlds makes this installment satisfying." --Publishers Weekly

"[A]n inc

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    Condition: New.
    Notes: Mass market (rack) paperback. Glued binding. 816 p.