Enoch Soames : a Memory of the Eighteen-Nineties
by Max Beerbohm, Sir

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Newport Coast, CA, USA

Enoch Soames: A Memory of the Eighteen-NinetiesEnoch Soames: A Memory of the Eighteen-Nineties (Trade paperback)
Pub. Date: 2021
Publisher: Alpha Edition
Price: $10.19
Seller: Alibris, Sparks, NV, USA
Condition: New.
Notes: Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 30 p.
Enoch Soames: a Memory of the Eighteen-NinetiesEnoch Soames: a Memory of the Eighteen-Nineties (paperback)
Pub. Date: 2021
Publisher: Alpha Edition
Price: $54.84
Seller: Bonita, Newport Coast, CA, USA
Condition: New

More About Enoch Soames by Max Beerbohm, Sir

"[...]had another book coming out soon. I asked if I might ask what kind of book it was to be. "My poems," he answered. Rothenstein asked if this was to be the title of the book. The poet meditated on this suggestion, but said he rather thought of giving the book no title at all. "If a book is good in itself-" he murmured, and waved his cigarette. Rothenstein objected that absence of title might be bad for the sale of a book. "If," he urged, "I went into a bookseller's and said simply, 'Have you got?' or, 'Have you a copy of?' how would they know what I wanted?" "Oh, of course I should have my name on the cover," Soames answered earnestly. "And I rather want," he added, looking hard at Rothenstein, "to have a drawing of myself as frontispiece." Rothenstein admitted that this was a capital idea, and mentioned that he was going into the country and would be there for some time. He then looked at his watch, exclaimed at the hour, paid the waiter, and went away with me to dinner. Soames remained at his post of fidelity to the glaucous witch. "Why were you so determined not to draw him?" I asked.[...]."

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  • Publisher: Alpha Edition
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