The Confession of a Child of the Century
by Musset, Alfred De
Hard cover

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Excerpt: hand in hers, and kissed my forehead. "Yes, it must be," she murmured, "it must be." "It must be," I repeated to myself. I arose. On the table there remained only one piece of paper that Brigitte was examining. She picked it up, then allowed it to drop to the floor. "Is that all?" I asked. "Yes, that is all." When I ordered the horses I had no idea that we would really go, I wished merely to make a trial, but circumstances bid fair to force me to carry my plans farther than I at first intended. I opened the door. "It must be!" I said to myself. "It must be!" I repeated aloud. "What do you mean by that, Brigitte? What is there in those words that I do not understand? Explain yourself, or I will not go. Why must you love me?" She fell on the sofa and wrung her hands in grief. "Ah! Unhappy man!" she cried, "you will never know how to love!" "Yes, I think you are right, but, before God, I know how to suffer. You must love me, must you not? Very well, then you must answer me. Were I to lose you forever, were these walls to crumble over my head, I will not leave this spot until I have solved the mystery that has been torturing me for more than a month. Speak, or I will leave you. I may be a fool who destroys his own happiness; I may be demanding something that is not for me to possess; it may be that an explanation will separate us and raise before me an insurmountable barrier, which will render our tour, on which I have set my heart, impossible; whatever it may cost you and me, you shall speak or I will renounce everything." "No, I will not speak." "You will speak! Do you fondly imagine I am the dupe of your lies? When I see you change between morning and evening until you differ more from your natural self than does night from day, do you think I am deceived? When you give me as a cause some letters that are not worth the trouble of reading, do you imagine that I am to be put off with the first pretext that comes to hand because you do not choose to...

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  • ISBN-13: 9781374888302
  • Publisher: Pinnacle Press
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    Notes: Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. 254 p. Intended for a juvenile audience.