In Freedom's Cause
by Henty, G. A.


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More About In Freedom's Cause by Henty, G. A.

"In Freedom's Cause" is the gripping tale of the 13th century rebellion of the people of Scotland, under the leadership of William Wallace and Robert Bruce. Though time has burnished the feats of these great heroes, Wallace and Bruce were real people whose courage, loyalty, and ingenuity are inspirational yet today. The accuracy of the Scottish history in "In Freedom's Cause" is superb: though a fictional character is included, the persons discussed, the geography talked about, and the timeline presented is very accurate. The chief protagonist in "In Freedom's Cause," the fictional Sir Archie Forbes, grows up in the time of Wallace and Bruce, interacting with them and other historical characters from that period of Scottish History. The story is full of adventure, friendship, loyalty, honor, heroics, and history. Good values are presented. As with all of his books, G. A. Henty does detail many graphic battles. One of the most popular British authors of the late 19th century, G. A. Henty's historical adventures inspires boys to honesty, courage, diligence, and duty. Famous as "The Prince of Story-Tellers," G. A. Henty was a prolific English novelist, special correspondent and Imperialist. He is best known for his historical adventure stories that were popular in the late 19th century, including Out on the Pampas, The Young Buglers, With Clive in India, Wulf the Saxon, and of course, "In Freedom's Cause."

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