A Legend of Old Persia and Other Poems
by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Trade paperback

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A Legend of Old Persia and Other PoemsA Legend of Old Persia and Other Poems (paperback)
Pub. Date: 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publis
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More About A Legend of Old Persia and Other Poems by Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Excerpt: ... water in a fiord And till the King's word bade them cease None passed or touched him near, He leapt as frightened chamois leap And ran like a stricken deer. Dusk threw a hateful shadow On the King's countenance "The guerdons of thy skill," cried he, "Or, boy, thy luck, perchance? This figured ivory drinking horn! This turquoise-hilted sword! But . shall I see no marvel Ere day dips in the fiord?" "There is not in fair Norroway My master on the ski One bolder or more skilful. A marvel wouldst thou see?" --Bold and high was the answer-- "'Twas skill not luck, Oh! King, I am the swiftest. A marvel Of whom the scalds shall sing." "Oh! yonder stand the mountains And yonder moans the sea And he who leapt from the topmost crag. A bold man would he be. A bold man . yea, a marvel For the grey-haired scalds to hymn." Day dying touched his swarthy cheek With a lurid light and grim, While he made the gloomy challenge And round a murmur ran, But . the boy bowed low and answered, "Oh! King, behold the man The swiftest and the boldest In thy kingdom by the sea, From mountain or . from hatred What man can do, dares he." . He swept down from the mountain Like an eaglet on a hare With bent back and swinging arms And tossing golden hair. The King stood by the precipice (A small sea moaned and broke) . Looked down over the wrinkled sea And swiftly loosed his cloak. . He came as an arrow is loosened. As a slinger slings a stone, Clutched (as the sun shot downwards) At one on the brink alone. The King leapt back . the King laughed out. The great cloak floated free. There came no sound--tho' he listened long-- From the darkened moaning sea. The Knight and the Witch. A voice cried over the Hills "Follow the strange desire. Oh! follow, follow, follow, The world is on fire. Day burns on funeral bed In flame of sky and sea, And, black against that red, Is the tower where dwelleth she And gazeth, white foot pressed On...

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